The Obvious Stuff.

I have listed here important things that would hopefully be obvious to all students. Unfortunately teachers see students making these mistakes time and time again.

Spelling and Grammar.

Students need to use the spelling and grammar checker in the writing software they are using. This will pick up most mistakes. Teachers hate it when students have not taken this simple step. This is where teachers will likely deduct marks.

In doing this students need to be careful as sometimes the software confuses one word for another.

Don’t be Late.

Obviously students should get their report or essay in on time. If it looks like there will be a problem students need to take action to discuss this with their teacher. This is an example of upward managing their teacher.

Communicate a problem early.

If a student has a problem doing their assignment, they should not leave it until the last minute to ask their teacher about it. If students do something about it early, this should cause less stress.

Copying means trouble.

These days it is easy and fast for a student to copy parts of a friend's assignment or to copy pieces of text from websites. Unfortunatey it is also very easy for schools and universities to see that it has been copied. Most assignments are uploaded into plagerism software. In most cases this tells the teacher exactly where text was copied from. This makes students look pretty silly.

Always keep a backup.

To help avoid disaster students need to back up their files. I recommend storing their assignment in 2 places that are physically separated.

For example, a student may backup their files onto a USB stick and then keep it in their laptop bag. This means that if the laptop fails they should be able to use the backup from the USB stick.

But what if they lose their laptop?

The best thing is to keep the backup physically separated from the computer.

Cloud computing allows us to put our backup onto a server that lives in another area, city or country.

A simple backup is for a student to email their assignment to themselves at regular intervals. This then places a copy on the email server at the email company's site.

To be extra sure, I recommend that students put a copy on to a USB that is kept away from their computer and emailing it to themselves or using a cloud backup.

We need to backup regularly. Because if something goes wrong we may lose all the work we did since your last backup.