The Extra Dimension


Here I will try to provide a context for the techniques.

The other dimension

As you know, in many of the things we do there is another dimension to consider. This is often not obvious and can only be seen with experience.

In the apps for students I give some examples to illustrate this:

- The success of the pop-star Lady GaGa comes not only from her songs but also other things that make her interesting like the clothes she wears and her publicity stunts (remember the meat dress).

- We enjoy food not just because of its taste and its smell, but also because of its texture.

- Whether it’s a cup of tea or a beer at a bar we enjoy a drink not only for the taste but also because of the feel of the cup or glass.

At school or when we start Work.

I have already mentioned the obvious need to work hard and smart. This is often neglected by students however this extra dimension has a huge impact on their results. It is just as important to work smart, as it is to work hard.

As you know, in organizations it is often the people who work hard and smart who move up the ladder. These guys have the choice of doing a wider variety of work and more senior work.