A Student's Marketing Campaign.


No matter what profession or trade we are in, to be successful we need to market ourselves. We need to market the business we work for to ensure that we get plenty of work. We also need to market ourselves individually inside the company we work for and in our industry. This is to ensure that we keep moving along a career path and getting more senior and interesting work.

Students need to think about marketing themselves so that they can get a good first job or so they can to get into the next school, college or university that they want. An obvious important part of this is to get the score that is required. Students also need to also use a marketing process with each assignment or exam that they do in each subject to help get those marks.

Dictionary.comTM defines “Marketing” as something like; “the total activities involved in the transfer of goods from the seller to the buyer." This involves the obvious things like advertising and selling, but it also includes things like researching what customer's need and working out the best way to fulfill these needs. Doing all these things well helps companies be successful.

If you think about it, this is what we should be doing when we go through the process of doing an assignment. We work out what our customer wants and the process that our customer goes through to mark our work. We then work out how to give them this. We also work out how to present it to them to maximise our mark.