Working with your Teacher


Obviously, at school one of the most important relationships you will have is between you and your teacher.

You may be lucky and have a great teacher or you may be unlucky and think your teacher is a doufus. Unfortunately you still need to work with them ;-) . You will unfortunately have to work with doufi a lot throughout your life. They may be your boss or a customer. They may be a teacher you have at university. You still need to manage these relationships.

So, what makes up the relationship between you and your teacher?

At work, the best managers provide clear instructions to their staff. A poor manager gives vague instructions. This leaves the staff member confused and the result will probably not be what the manager has asked for. It is the same at school.

If your teacher has given poor information about an assignment, you need to have this clarified. Ask the teacher specifics about it. This is an example of where you need to act to ensure that you are looking after yourself.

Teachers generally actually like it when you ask them questions, just as a good boss likes it. This shows you are interested and that you want to ensure that you understand their requirements well so that you can produce good results.

Don’t be scared to do this. You may be nervous at first but practice makes it easier.

It is part of being professional about your work.

Think of the person doing the marking.

Your teachers are trying to help you. They want you to pass and to get great marks.

You need to help them help you.

The person marking your essay will also be marking tens or hundreds more. They are busy people and this marking is an extra load on them.

I have found that when I am marking I get very tired and so if a student’s writing is hard to read or to understand or if it is hard to find the answers that student is making it difficult to give the marks. Of course people marking do their best to mark in a fair and unbiased way but when an exam answer is well structured and laid out the correct answers just jump out to the reader.

The well-structured answers are the fastest to mark.