Open Up your Writing.

Use Lots of White Space.

It is important to make your answers as readable as possible. A common mistake students make is to write huge paragraphs. Sometimes these can be hundreds of words long.

It is important to “open up” your writing. This means break it down into smaller pieces for your reader:

- Use smaller paragraphs

- Use headings

As an example of how difficult it is to read paragraphs where everything is thrown in, here is part of a knitting pattern for a beanie:

A beanie drawing

An example of bad writing

Can you imagine trying to use this pattern. It is all so jammed together that you are sure to make a mistake. It is a nightmare to read.

In exams, some students present answers in this style. It makes it very hard to mark.

Teachers and management in companies hate it !

Now lets try the pattern “opened up”:

An example of neat writing

Obviously this open professional format is easier to use. By doing this with your answers, you will help ensure you get every mark they deserve.

If you have left spare lines in your answers, these can then be used to add further information later.


Open up my writing